Emily Mae Czachor (pronounced like Za-kor; it once earned her the distinction of Last Name Most Awkward to Type) is a Los Angeles-based journalist who recently graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in print and digital journalism and a minor in law and public policy.

She is – among other things – a rabid conversationalist, lover of words and self-affirmed film and literature nerd who thinks it’s really cool (and about time!) that the greater media-consuming population is finally getting excited about Margaret Atwood.

Originally hailing from New Jersey, Emily Mae cannot quite get on board with Angelenos’ strict aversion to public transportation and still finds herself periodically disoriented by the unremitting 75-degree weather. (This is to say that, when she inevitably says something like “But I could’ve sworn it was February” one afternoon in mid-July, she is probably only feeling wistful about her now-estranged relationships with Fall, Winter and Spring, respectively.)

As a journalist, Emily Mae primarily writes stories about issues related to women and social justice, often through a pop cultural lens. Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles TimesRolling StoneThe Hollywood ReporterMs. Magazine and Narratively.