Watch Samantha Bee skewer Kris Kobach as the ‘racist music man’

Los Angeles Times [link]

Samantha Bee panned President Trump's Voter Integrity Commission again Wednesday night. Only this time, the roast had rhythm. 

As Bee pointed out during a "Full Frontal" segment last month, she has done her due diligence to probe the respective backgrounds of the commission's leading minds. And the savvy political commentator has made her feelings quite clear: She thinks they're full of it, especially Kansas Secretary of state Kris Kobach, the commission's vice chair.

So, with "Hamilton" star Javier Muñoz making a cameo, Bee lampooned the panel once more. But she didn't proffer viewers with the same old song and dance -- namely because she actually performed a full-fledged song and dance.  

Backed by an ensemble donning colonial garb, Bee played a "racist con man" rendering of Kobach in a musical parody skit loosely inspired by "The Music Man." Taking jabs at what she considers Kobach's history of supporting anti-immigrant policies, Bee's Kobach sold slanted (and, ultimately, unconstitutional) legislation to smalltown folk. 

"Kobach tap-danced from town to town selling unsuspecting white people a law they didn't need for a problem they didn't have," Bee explained. "[He] left their towns divided and broke … kind of like a racist music man."

Muñoz played a local immigrant. "The city welcomed me," he sang wistfully, "[but] now there's such hostility." 

Watch the full segment here (Note: profanity).

Emily Mae Czachor